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2021-10-17 03:18clean up bin a bitxfnw11+139-136
2021-10-17 00:06add mit license template to vimxfnw3+23-1
2021-09-26 14:12add waffle to the emoji selectorxfnw1+1-0
2021-09-04 21:26update rofi theme to new formatxfnw2+125-0
2021-08-21 13:55add ytdl aliasxfnw1+1-0
2021-07-29 19:51add alias for me constantly typoing sudoxfnw1+2-0
2021-07-22 03:14customized covimxfnw2+611-0
2021-07-13 19:01generate cryptographically secure base58 encoded passwordsxfnw1+2-0
2021-07-05 17:15modernize picom configurationxfnw2+65-230
2021-07-05 15:37type the date automaticallyxfnw1+5-0
2021-06-26 20:45free up barely-used keybindxfnw1+2-1
2021-06-26 20:43fix console fontxfnw1+1-1
2021-06-26 17:42flee leenodexfnw1+4-4
2021-06-23 02:48update pastafilexfnw1+1-0
2021-06-21 23:32change highlight words to allow selecting entire ipv6 addressesxfnw1+1-1
2021-06-21 23:32pcp module no longer existsxfnw1+0-1
2021-06-21 23:31add andrew lee copypastaxfnw2+28-1
2021-06-17 15:12more tmux keybindsxfnw2+14-2
2021-06-09 19:24turn off the mouse on tmux lolxfnw2+60-2
2021-05-30 00:29no more emacs splashxfnw3+4-2
2021-05-13 17:44use kitty as TERMINAL env varxfnw4+5-15
2021-05-02 17:12Merge branch 'main' of
2021-05-02 17:11script to copy shared libraries to your chrootxfnw1+10-0
2021-04-30 13:57aaaaaaaxfnw1+1-1
2021-04-30 13:53make directory for homexfnw1+1-0
2021-04-29 02:59script to make a small busybox chroot env, since arch's base package has way too many dependenciesxfnw1+18-0
2021-04-27 00:38hide silly emacs bars lolxfnw1+3-6
2021-04-19 04:11arch auto search for missing packagesxfnw4+25-13
2021-03-29 17:58weird kitty font weirdness... no clue why it stopped workingxfnw1+5-8
2021-03-28 21:13fix qutebrowser options broken in updatexfnw1+2-2
2021-03-26 16:11indent small sections tooxfnw1+1-1
2021-03-25 01:48add g aliasxfnw1+1-0
2021-03-25 01:41fix nicks being purple for some reasonxfnw1+0-7
2021-03-24 18:11more minimal irssixfnw3+788-0
2021-03-18 02:43change the line color to blueXfnw knuu1+7-3
2021-03-18 02:14use new rofi config format, and make the colorscheme less blueXfnw knuu2+7-286
2021-03-04 00:55no irssiXfnw knuu12+0-3202
2021-02-24 21:39otterXfnw knuu1+1-0
2021-02-22 01:30man rendering respect Bd indentsXfnw knuu1+1-0
2021-02-20 19:45move muttrc into .muttXfnw knuu2+46-45
2021-02-20 19:36Merge branch 'main' of knuu1+7-7
2021-02-20 19:36mutt configXfnw knuu5+77-1
2021-02-20 01:58whoops, my resolution was a bit offxfnw1+1-1
2021-02-19 01:22change the thickness of some berry stuffxfnw1+6-6
2021-02-15 03:41meh, i dont ever use byobu anymoreXfnw knuu17+0-137
2021-02-15 03:34use qutebrowser!Xfnw knuu1+103-0
2021-02-15 00:01follow movement to new workspace and disable the buggy urxvt clickingxfnw2+2-3
2021-02-14 22:48berry seems to always run autostart with bashxfnw1+28-28
2021-02-14 22:21add lemonbar config to berryxfnw1+54-1
2021-02-14 20:27berry seems quite coolxfnw3+90-0
2021-02-08 22:26time to make warc files oh yeah!Xfnw knuu3+13-0
2021-01-31 00:39set the EDITOR and BROWSER in .profileXfnw knuu1+3-3
2021-01-27 22:58latex template in vimXfnw knuu2+13-0
2021-01-25 21:16speed up a littleXfnw knuu1+2-2
2021-01-24 15:10change the speedXfnw knuu1+3-3
2021-01-24 01:25Merge branch 'main' of knuu2+4-1
2021-01-24 01:24save file for document processing commandsXfnw knuu1+4-3
2021-01-23 22:40Merge branch 'main' of into mainxfnw1+2-1
2021-01-23 22:39add w3m and lynx shortcutsxfnw1+2-0
2021-01-22 03:13fix target anchor colorsxfnw1+2-1
2021-01-20 22:14openbsd fvwm :oxfnw2+525-0
2021-01-20 02:31man support mobile layoutsxfnw1+1-0
2021-01-20 01:24oops, dont make invisible tables have paddingxfnw1+2-2
2021-01-20 01:14make tables have padding to look nicexfnw1+1-0
2021-01-20 01:01remove most of's cssxfnw1+8-6
2021-01-18 01:42slide groff templateXfnw knuu3+12-1
2021-01-17 21:14remove some unnessesary stuff from mom templatesXfnw knuu4+0-4
2021-01-15 16:24Merge branch 'main' of /home/xfnw/ph/git/dotfiles into mainxfnw1+3-1
2021-01-15 16:23change the man styling around a bitxfnw1+7-49
2021-01-14 05:00set width of vim gqXfnw knuu1+3-1
2021-01-14 03:40fix man html generation so it has actually correct tagsXfnw knuu4+245-121
2021-01-14 01:46do not put extra headers in the html outputXfnw knuu2+2-4
2021-01-13 20:12vi configXfnw knuu1+2-0
2021-01-13 19:21some groff templates for vim stuffXfnw knuu8+90-0
2021-01-13 04:49move vimrc and convert mandoc to htmlXfnw knuu3+169-45
2021-01-09 00:46send the glob when there are no matches, so it will stop breaking urlsXfnw knuu1+1-0
2020-12-31 18:58fix bold fonts in kittyXfnw knuu2+5-4
2020-12-26 21:45fix some special thinkpad keysXfnw knuu3+30-35
2020-12-25 16:15xdg stuffXfnw knuu2+3-3
2020-12-25 15:26thonk thonk thonk thonk thonk padXfnw knuu6+8-8
2020-12-16 03:26make shift+rctrl compose, for when theres no menuxfnw2+12-1
2020-12-04 01:54change the bel and activity colorsxfnw1+2-2
2020-12-04 01:43steal kylie's tmux config hehexfnw1+51-33
2020-12-03 01:23use june's CDPATH tip and add foxes are allowedxfnw2+3-1
2020-11-17 02:06yet another keybind for screenshotsxfnw1+1-0
2020-11-06 22:43xkill and increse hist sizexfnw2+3-2
2020-11-05 16:03menu key -> composexfnw1+1-1
2020-10-26 23:58keybind for 0x0xfnw1+1-1
2020-10-20 17:26start the ssh agentxfnw1+2-1
2020-10-20 02:47auto copy in xfcetermxfnw1+1-1
2020-10-20 02:18statusxfnw1+54-0
2020-10-14 16:07irc alias stufflickthecheese1+1-1
2020-10-12 22:56just blurlickthecheese2+4-10
2020-09-29 02:01why was my bashrc not being trackedlickthecheese1+2-8
2020-09-27 19:57steal jess's hex scriptslickthecheese3+34-1
2020-09-27 04:15my mom does not work with zsh idk why lollickthecheese1+3-3
2020-09-27 04:06mom templateslickthecheese1+2-2
2020-09-27 04:05mom templateslickthecheese4+61-0
2020-09-22 22:11fix visited link color being unreadablexfnw1+1-1
2020-09-22 20:27my bashblog modificationsxfnw4+2678-0
2020-09-20 19:56sort feeds in newsboatlickthecheese1+1-0
2020-09-09 01:21fallback to unifontlickthecheese3+10-8
2020-09-04 02:12urxvt flashinglickthecheese1+6-0
2020-08-17 16:19wttr for more peoplexfnw2+51-507
2020-06-24 15:51whoops ive been using the wrong locale....xfnw1+1-1
2020-08-02 03:18nice red cursorlickthecheese1+2-0
2020-08-02 03:01console use june colorslickthecheese1+20-0
2020-08-01 20:23whoopslickthecheese12+2091-44
2020-08-01 01:56wait why are so many things not being tracked lmaolickthecheese1+44-0
2020-08-01 01:54wait why was my .profile not being tracked lolxfnw1+29-18
2020-07-31 02:14autoindent and stuff in vimxfnw1+15-0
2020-07-25 ssh configlickthecheese1+5-0
2020-07-24 18:10i know its a bad practice but whatever lollickthecheese1+1-1
2020-07-24 16:47steal hashbang's tmux config lollickthecheese1+44-2
2020-07-21 21:56fix tmux being weirdLinux User2+3-1
2020-07-21 20:50i3 stuff migratedlickthecheese8+1971-1
2020-07-14 23:27fix spelling mistakelickthecheese1+1-1
2020-07-11 21:10set default terminallickthecheese1+4-1
2020-07-11 21:08i3 configurationlickthecheese2+55-0
2020-07-11 21:03urxvtlickthecheese1+46-42
2020-07-06 22:42wttr integrationxfnw1+4-0
2020-07-05 15:32more screensaversxfnw1+87-87
2020-07-05 03:01xscreensaver but with june's nice colors owoxfnw2+330-0
2020-07-04 03:52do not autocomplete completion, it slows the shell too muchxfnw2+3-1
2020-07-04 03:43fuzzy tabbingxfnw13+1076-1
2020-07-04 03:26whoops id like my colors thanksxfnw1+2-2
2020-07-04 03:23fish-like suggestionsxfnw2+863-0
2020-07-04 02:25Merge branch 'master' of
2020-07-04 02:24fishxfnw2+126-0
2020-07-01 19:55markov is coolxfnw1+15-0
2020-07-01 19:34ignore this commit thanksxfnw1+2-0
2020-06-29 22:38gnuplot templatesxfnw2+20-0
2020-06-29 20:48carykh's jumpcutter is coolxfnw1+211-0
2020-06-29 14:32emacs coolxfnw1+33-0
2020-06-24 20:07sysuxfnw1+1-1
2020-06-24 03:15shorten realnamexfnw1+1-1
2020-06-22 23:42topydo bindingsxfnw1+8-0
2020-06-22 22:26loggy boixfnw1+7-4
2020-06-22 04:50Merge branch 'master' of /home/xfnw/ph/git/dotfilesxfnw1+3-3
2020-06-22 04:48utox keep scrollback and do not closexfnw1+3-3
2020-06-22 02:59ignore deploy scriptxfnw1+2-0
2020-06-22 02:53some ploty functions' 'LickTheCheese1+4-0
2020-06-20 03:30fix cursor colorlickthecheese1+1-1
2020-06-20 03:19send alt instead of random weird thingslickthecheese1+10-0
2020-06-20 03:12slightly smallerlickthecheese1+4-4
2020-06-20 03:11xtlickthecheese1+4-0
2020-06-20 03:07use da june colors in xtermlickthecheese1+119-0
2020-06-18 17:39loll dont start your shell somewhre elselickthecheese1+1-1
2020-06-18 00:16more ttmsh integrationlickthecheese1+72-2
2020-06-17 18:12zsh cooooollickthecheese1+8-108
2020-06-17 17:58fixed booglickthecheese1+25-0
2020-06-17 02:49 r e a dlickthecheese1+2-0
2020-06-17 02:41c o l o r s uwulickthecheese1+4-4
2020-06-17 02:31tmuxlickthecheese1+2-2
2020-06-17 02:29mmm auto startxlickthecheese2+3-2
2020-06-17 02:24zsh is cool beanslickthecheese1+2823-0
2020-06-16 17:16e s t o n ialickthecheese1+1-1
2020-06-15 14:53oh yeah nice organized moosiiclickthecheese17+1322-0
2020-06-14 03:45i want the c o l o rlickthecheese1+1-1
2020-06-13 02:34dtach to the rescue!lickthecheese2+6-2
2020-06-13 00:46weirc channel lollickthecheese1+1-1
2020-06-12 23:09use nerd fontslickthecheese3+50-4
2020-06-12 22:54owo powerline font coollickthecheese1+1-1
2020-06-12 21:52nerd fontslickthecheese2+2-2
2020-06-12 17:30catgirl is cool, pain in the ass to install libressl tholickthecheese2+13-0
2020-06-11 02:44BOLDlickthecheese1+1-1
2020-06-11 02:43woo new prompt timelickthecheese1+4-4
2020-06-10 04:05slightly taller my eyeslickthecheese1+1-1
2020-06-10 04:05no more stlickthecheese26+3-9594
2020-06-05 03:35htop is talored to your hardware lol brokelickthecheese1+26-0
2020-05-31 23:44lol kittylickthecheese2+16-15
2020-05-29 02:13utoxlickthecheese1+40-0
2020-05-29 00:47use june's scheme causal.agencylickthecheese1+16-16
2020-05-26 18:37gemini coollickthecheese1+38-0
2020-05-23 18:36use cspline instead of bezierlickthecheese1+1-1
2020-05-21 22:45channel infplickthecheese2+16-0
2020-05-21 15:39graph lollickthecheese2+14-1
2020-05-21 03:20seccyy dark theme, was more trouble than it was worthlickthecheese1+1-1
2020-05-21 02:09plotlickthecheese2+3-1
2020-05-03 00:06Create Config.pyLickTheCheese1+506-0
2020-04-24 20:23boop more channelslickthecheese1+3-0
2020-04-20 18:07ginlang ipd is baccccclickthecheese1+1-1
2020-04-11 22:08use different keyserverlickthecheese1+2-0
2020-04-06 15:37hilightlickthecheese2+19-1
2020-04-04 02:28smblickthecheese1+3-3
2020-04-04 00:23leet piclickthecheese1+1-1
2020-04-02 13:22barslickthecheese2+10-5
2020-04-02 01:40yet again fix the colorslickthecheese1+1-1
2020-04-02 01:22fixed colorslickthecheese1+1-1
2020-04-02 00:52irssilickthecheese1+0-247
2020-04-02 00:51irssilickthecheese14+3055-103
2020-03-29 22:26vimrclickthecheese1+10-0
2020-03-29 21:31topydo aliaslickthecheese1+1-0
2020-03-28 18:20oooo envs promptlickthecheese1+2-2
2020-03-27 22:05moar phone numberslickthecheese1+5-0
2020-03-26 21:59cheesepaint recordlickthecheese1+3-0
2020-03-26 15:29cat with ffmpeglickthecheese1+9-0
2020-03-24 21:43fix kitty errorlickthecheese1+1-1
2020-03-20 00:20switched term fontslickthecheese2+7-3
2020-03-18 01:38byobu!lickthecheese17+133-0
2020-03-13 02:00omg i just realized why all my pdfs were breakinglickthecheese1+3-3
2020-03-13 01:51vimrc modified to write man fileslickthecheese3+15-5
2020-03-08 19:38ssh stufflickthecheese3+3-41
2020-02-16 22:01start brave with socks proxylickthecheese1+3-0
2020-02-16 20:35ssh configlickthecheese2+5-2
2020-01-31 02:41value checking of cir scriptlickthecheese1+14-4
2020-01-31 01:19ha math teacher i made a python scriptlickthecheese1+37-0
2020-01-27 22:05expiclickthecheese1+1-0
2020-01-24 02:12smblickthecheese1+28-0
2020-01-13 16:21moduluslickthecheese1+26-0
2020-01-10 21:04no more code.orglickthecheese1+36-0
2020-01-03 02:59alphabetical order i think i spelled that wronglickthecheese1+3-1
2020-01-02 21:11fixed some more task issues lollickthecheese1+1-0
2020-01-02 21:08fixed some task issues lollickthecheese1+2-2
2020-01-02 21:04modified task to make it support multible taskslickthecheese1+18-7
2019-12-16 23:27using @n4nOGH's tasklickthecheese1+202-0
2019-12-06 18:14local pbx cool its not port forwarded so dont try to hack melickthecheese1+1-1
2019-12-05 03:07baresiplickthecheese5+297-0
2019-12-04 12:51freqslickthecheese1+5-0
2019-12-02 02:19pasting lollickthecheese1+2-4
2019-11-30 04:03kitty stufflickthecheese3+8-3
2019-11-30 03:46bad idea fix for the kittylickthecheese1+2-0
2019-11-30 03:25kitty whyyyylickthecheese1+5-0
2019-11-30 03:11kittylickthecheese1+1069-0
2019-11-28 aliases omg yeslickthecheese1+2-1
2019-11-28 18:54my paste thinglickthecheese1+4-1
2019-11-28 16:36dunst configlickthecheese1+19-17
2019-11-28 16:23dunstlickthecheese1+414-0
2019-11-27 02:25yay tilde timelickthecheese1+1-1
2019-11-26 20:18ltcpiclickthecheese1+1-0
2019-11-12 15:19bashrc aliaslickthecheese1+4-1
2019-11-10 15:38hide ffmpeg key lollickthecheese2+2-1
2019-11-08 04:08xfce dropdownlickthecheese3+6-9
2019-11-08 02:30dont steal my webhook tokenslickthecheese1+1-0
2019-11-06 20:35Merge branch 'master' of
2019-11-06 20:35bin stuff lollickthecheese7+30-0
2019-11-06 19:22count scriptlickthecheese1+5-0
2019-11-04 21:09Update .bashrcLickTheCheese1+2-0
2019-11-03 22:46xfce-terminal configlickthecheese2+93-0
2019-10-27 17:36new groff templatelickthecheese1+3-0
2019-10-25 02:00rofi combilickthecheese2+16-3
2019-10-24 19:27no more linelickthecheese1+1-1
2019-10-24 19:26no more linelickthecheese1+1-1
2019-10-24 19:03irssi alias rainbowlickthecheese1+6-1
2019-10-24 19:02rofi configlickthecheese1+286-0
2019-10-21 17:22new mom templatelickthecheese1+1-0
2019-10-18 22:35modified configlickthecheese3+9-1
2019-10-18 22:34listcolorslickthecheese1+1-0
2019-10-14 00:35fixed stdsize aliaslickthecheese1+1-1
2019-10-13 23:24stdsizelickthecheese1+1-1
2019-10-13 23:23stdsizelickthecheese1+3-0
2019-10-02 19:13large history lellickthecheese1+2-2
2019-10-01 18:07changed st opacitylickthecheese26+9594-1
2019-09-25 22:24ssh config to push to hidden networklickthecheese1+1-1
2019-09-24 22:56Update configLickTheCheese1+1-1
2019-09-24 22:53ssh config mroelickthecheese1+1-1
2019-09-24 22:43ssh configlickthecheese1+1-1
2019-09-24 22:42Revert "ssh config"lickthecheese6+1-77
2019-09-24 22:41ssh configlickthecheese6+77-1
2019-09-24 22:37Update configLickTheCheese1+2-0
2019-09-24 22:35Create configLickTheCheese1+4-0
2019-09-14 13:31compton blurlickthecheese1+7-3
2019-09-13 23:14more xmodmaplickthecheese2+3-2
2019-09-13 23:12xmodmap stufflickthecheese2+250-0
2019-09-08 12:21comptonlickthecheese1+226-0
2019-09-06 20:55some files changedlickthecheese2+2-1
2019-08-18 14:03yay promptlickthecheese1+1-1
2019-08-17 14:31brightness commandlickthecheese1+1-0
2019-08-17 14:15live stream timelickthecheese1+12-1
2019-08-17 12:48fflivelickthecheese1+2-1
2019-08-16 13:54yay pathlickthecheese2+16-0
2019-08-16 11:36.profilelickthecheese1+1-1
2019-08-16 11:26.profilelickthecheese2+7-2
2019-08-16 11:22.profilelickthecheese1+5-0
2019-07-29 18:13added recipe templateLickTheCheese1+1-0
2019-07-26 21:50mkdir makes parentsLickTheChese1+1-0
2019-07-26 20:24irssi configLickTheChese2+469-0
2019-07-20 22:04my bashrcLickTheChese1+115-0
2019-07-20 18:18added some more commandsLickTheCheese1+1-1
2019-07-20 18:13added some more commandsLickTheCheese1+1-1
2019-07-20 18:12added some more commandsLickTheCheese1+1-1
2019-07-20 18:09added some more commandsLickTheCheese1+1-1
2019-07-20 18:04added some more commandsLickTheCheese1+2-1
2019-07-20 17:49added vimrcLickTheCheese1+9-0